Aam wil bakwsim (We Welcome You)

The ongoing story of the Nisga’a Nation is written on the land. Nisga’a Highway 113 leads north from Terrace, British Columbia to our territory in the Nass Valley. En route, visitors travel through some of BC’s most breathtaking landscapes — across vast lava fields born of Canada’s last volcanic eruption — past sacred mountains, sunlit alpine meadows, ancient stands of cedar and hemlock, and along our mighty river K’alii-askim Lisims (the Nass River).

The Nisga’a people are still connected to the land of our ancestors. Many Nisga’a citizens live in one of four Nisga’a Villages: Gitlaxt’aamiks, Gitwinksihlkw, Laxgalts’ap, and Gingolx. We hope you have an opportunity to visit each village and explore all they have to offer. K’alii-askim Lisims (the Nass River) connects the Nisga’a and is considered one of BC’s richest river systems. The Nass River has always provided for the Nisga’a people and remains the lifeblood of Nisga’a culture — we have lived here as long as the river flows.

Visit us in the beautiful Nass Valley, meet our people, experience our unique aboriginal culture — discover and explore our four Nisga’a Villages.